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So my appologies for having my site contantly going from up & down status. The .com was out of my control, .org stopped hosting me and I love to over-write my domain indexes apparently which is why the new face of the site exists right now. So what have I concluded after all of this? Using templates are esier, especially when you work two jobs. That's not to say I don't enjoy designing my own things any more, it's just customizing a template is so much easier, especially when you continually are screwing things up like me.

So, here it is. The new home of my Tribes Scripts, the KingTomato Forums, and anything else I feel is important enough to make it to the site. In the future I will work on making this more of a portal than a static page. Allow people to interact (out the forums), share thoughts, files, etc. I'll expand on the other games out there (such as Tribes Vengeance, Battlefield, and whatever else people seem to have migrated to these days). Until then, this is it. Please do visit the forums (link above titled "Community"). I hope to see everyone there!

By the way, not all the links work--I'm aware. I'm just trying to get something up rather than a simple html page. Just keep watching for changes as they are bound to hit fairly soon. ;-) These updates include:

  • Updating the downloads page, including adding the packs, scripts, maps, DLLs, and other things back.
  • Plugging the forums "announcements" section in to the news feed (to allow commenting and such)
  • Maybe add links to my side projects, such as the Tribes bot (you remmeber him, he used to take over join servers here and there), the MySQL/Tribes hosting manager, the IRC/Tribes connect, and whatever else ones I can't remembers at the moment.

all in due time though, sor for now just sit back and let me get back on my feet with the primary things. If you want to voice anything or comment on the change, please do so over at the KingTomato Forums.

Thank you,